Updated 2000-05-25

Computer Games

I work and eat and sleep computer games. Well, not quite literally.


I've worked on-and-off for LookingGlass Technologies which became Looking Glass Studios from June 1994 until LGS closed its doors on May 25, 2000.

During that time period, I've worked on the following games:


QMAP is a Quake terrain renderer with full source in only 2000 lines of code which I wrote one weekend (around March of 1997?) with the explicit purpose of providing as simple a complete terrain renderer as possible, in the hopes it might be as useful a tutorial as possible. At the time, only one other Quake-rendering engine on the 3d-engines-list had source, and that source was old, incomplete, and not very fast.

I have no clue how much attention it got (geocities' counters screwed up in the middle of its lifespan), or how much other free engines have chosen to build on it, but I have gotten lots of job offers as a result.


I used to be an active user of MUDs. In addition to helping to run the Darker Realms lpmud, I wrote my own mud system, Sludge, as well as SP, a simple LISP-like wrapper around TinyMUCK 2.0's MUF. I don't have source to SP anymore, and I have no desire to support Sludge, unless you are TEAM CTHULU.

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